Mystic Isle

Base on a concept by

small project i made in my time at Think Tank Training Center, i wanted to try doing a hand painted scene since i have never attempted something like that, making the water and crystal shades were probably the part i enjoyed most on this one.


Mystic Isle

Ziv estrin mystic isle 0400
Ziv estrin river breakdown

i used a flipbook (left) to animate the opacity of the waterfall. a panning squiggly texture that gets distorted (by the texture on the right) combined with the other 2 textures to create the flow effect

Ziv estrin rivershader

Breakdown of the water shader

Ziv estrin highresscreenshot00004
Ziv estrin crystalshader

the crystal shader uses a packed masks texture to dictate the colors of the crystal, along with some animated emmisive, refraction and opacity

Ziv estrin crystalzbrush

Zbrush sculpt

Ziv estrin highresscreenshot00005
Ziv estrin rockshader

Breakdown of the stone shader, i used a flip book here for the animated glowing bits. i used Cinema4D and After Effects to get that animation with help from a friend

Ziv estrin circlezbrush

Zbrush sculpt